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Herzog’s Today

If Mathew Herzog stepped into the store today, he would be proud to find the same values in place that he established over 100 years ago.

Working daily with family members to run a successful business requires trust, commitment and a desire to improve with each passing year. Over the decades, many family members have put countless hours into serving our community.

Our hometown story has affected many lives. Numerous employees have worked for Herzog’s for over 40 years – in essence their whole lives. They treat the business like it was their own. In fact, several couples have met, been married, started a family and continue to serve. Best friends work here. ..we vacation together and spend time in the evenings and weekends fishing, swimming, watching our kids play sports, skiing and laughing with one another.

Herzog’s is a true family.


At the Beginning…

Interior of Herzog’s location at 293 Wall Street in Kingston, New York. 1909.

July 1, 1909

July 10, 1910

August 11, 1910

October 7, 1912

May 26, 1928

December 12, 1928

July 10, 1930

October 9, 1939

July 8, 1940

July 13, 1940

October 11, 1940

October 22, 1947

October 22, 1947

November 2, 1948

May 1, 1950

May 29, 1950

July 19, 1950

March 25, 1957

September 11, 1959

October 1, 1975

July 16, 1976

July 13, 1985

May 16, 1997

May 7, 2009

Herzog Supply Company is proud to celebrate over 100 years of service to their community. Throughout four generations, the Herzog family has catered to its customers and earned their loyalty. Over the century their philosophy has stayed the same but the store has continued to change with the times. It has met the challenge presented by chain-owned competitors through relationships and a commitment to service. Even though it is a family-owned business its employees are quality people who treat it like it was their own business. Their strength is in their employees. There is unsurpassed dedication to continually providing outstanding service with quality products.The Herzog family has faithfully been committed to giving back to their community. Each year, they are proud sponsors to many non-profit, youth and church organizations in our area. They have prospered through four generations and are proudly looking forward to the future…”We’re just getting started.”The Facts

  • Matthew Herzog began his business career with a paint, wallpaper and picture framing store, May 10, 1909 at 293 Wall Street. He opened with one employee, the late Leo Grogan. A horse-drawn wagon made deliveries. “The first year’s business,” said Mr. Herzog, “totaled $7,002.00.”

  • Mr. Herzog purchased and moved the retail business to 332 Wall Street in 1917.

  • The entire business was managed by Mr. Herzog alone until 1929 when his son, Robert H. Herzog joined it, following graduation from Yale University. It has been said that Robert Herzog was a mathematical wizard who could add a column of 4 and 5 digit numbers faster than an adding machine.

  • In 1935 he purchased the former Mitchell House on North Front Street. A major contribution to the modernization of North Front Street took place with the addition of a complete red brick veneer in 1947. This expansion also marked the milestone in the expansion of a local business enterprise.

  • By 1947 Herzog’s wholesale business supplied 250 other stores within a 75 mile radius which was covered by four salesmen. The wholesale accounts received exceptional service, in that the merchandise was delivered to the door. By November of 1948, the completion of a 17,000 foot warehouse space was a necessity for the ever growing wholesale business. At this time, the Herzog organization employed 52 local persons who along with their families were completely covered by accident and life insurance and hospitalization, with all costs paid by Herzog’s.

  • In March of 1957 Herzog’s had emerged as the leader in hardware and interior decorating while holding demonstrations at the store for their clientele.

  • 1959 marked a half century of progress for Herzog Supply Co. It was the story of the growth of a private business from a small paint store, opened in 1909, to a large diversified organization serving a vast area. They employed 55 local people, covered 6,500 square feet of floor space while supplying 300 retail stores within a 80 radius.

  • They had acquired 3 large warehouses and 4 company trucks. Benjamin Moore paints were featured exclusively.

  • In the early 50’s Robert Herzog purchased Kingston Lumber Company and the adjoining cornfields. In the early 60’s he created Kingston Plaza (now a division of Herzog Supply Co.) and developed what is now a 312,115 sq. ft. Home Center and a 34-store shopping center.

  • In 1971, the current Herzog building was added to Kingston Plaza and the store relocated to its current location from Wall Street.

  • In 1985 Bradley Jordan, joined his grandfather, Robert Herzog in running the day-to-day operations of the ever growing Herzog Supply Co. enterprise. He took over as President following his grandfather’s death in 1992 and was joined, in the business, by his brother, Todd, shortly thereafter. In 1995 Herzog’s affiliated itself with the nationally advertised True Value Company, a member owned co-op that insured the buying power necessary to compete with the national big box chains. During the same period, Herzog’s Home Center underwent comprehensive remodeling which included the addition of its Garden Center and computerization of its retail operations. Later Herzog’s opened a Service Center for power equipment while expanding their sales of lawn mowers to tractors, snow blowers, chainsaws, generators and other power equipment.

  • Continuing to expand its original product line, Herzog’s opened Hudson Valley Paint and Decorating on Rt. 55 in Poughkeepsie in 1995 and added a Wappinger’s location in Lawrence Farms in 1998.

  • Expansion with its paint and decorating concept stores continued in 2002 with the acquisition of Miller Paint, a 70-year old paint dealer in the Capital District. Currently Miller Paint & Decorating locations are Central Ave. in Albany and Route 9 in Latham.

  • 2006 welcomed further enhancements to the existing Herzog site in Kingston Plaza with the state-of-the-art Kitchen and Bath Design Center. Combined with the Home Decorating Department and a newly renovated Paint Department, these areas employ more than a dozen people dedicated to Kitchen/Bath and Home Design services and sales, including free design and consultations.

  • 2009 – Herzog’s employs 100 local employees with annual sales in excess of 20 million dollars. 2013 brought a re-branding for their 4 satellite paint stores and the home center business located in Kingston. In order to be more cohesive in business and marketing strategies all stores are now under one name; Herzog’s Home and Paint Centers.